Black History Month

New Black History Month Activities

Good news! I’ve updated my Black Inventors worksheets for Black History Month! So many of you downloaded this set last year that I wanted to offer a more professional and polished version for you to use in your classroom.

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Read below for a detailed description of this fun Black Inventors Activity…

Don’t let these amazing Black inventors get overlooked this Black History Month! Inspire your classroom with these engaging activities that allow your students to strengthen the following skills:

•    Reading
•    Writing
•    Creativity
•    Understanding

Each worksheet includes the following activities to help build and encourage knowledge retention.

•    Read About Me.
•    Color My Picture.
•    Practice Writing My Name.

The following Black inventors are included in this set.

1.    Elijah McCoy
2.    Lewis Latimer
3.    Dr. Patricia Bath
4.    George Washington Carver
5.    Jan E. Matzeliger
6.    Alexander Miles
7.    Marie Van Brittan Brown
8.    Mary Kenner
9.    Madame C.J. Walker
10.  Sarah E. Goode

This set also includes a fun cut-and-paste review! In this review, students are required to match the inventor to their invention.


Go no-prep or include these activities into your Black History lesson plan. The choice is yours!

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