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Welcome to my series, The Homeschool C.U.R.E.

As promised, I’ll be giving an in-depth discussion on how to make The Homeschool C.U.R.E. applicable to your homeschool journey. If you missed last week’s post, read it here.

What is the Homeschool C.U.R.E.?

The Homeschool C.U.R.E is designed to help eradicate feelings of incompetence and help you start becoming a mastermind of your homeschool today. It’s more than just an acronym, it’s a surefire way to help you stay focused on your own journey and homeschool with purpose. Here’s a breakdown of the acronym:

  • Construct a clear and concise vision and mission that aligns with your core values.

  • Unveil your child’s inner genius and allow it to drive your unique journey.

  • Remember self-care is giving your family the best of you, not what’s left of you.

  • Embrace failure as a teaching moment and an opportunity to succeed later.

Download a free copy of The Homeschool C.U.R.E., here. Print it, laminate it, and hang it in your home, office, or school room for daily inspiration.

Today, I want to talk about the first component of The Homeschool C.U.R.E. That is:

Constructing a clear and concise vision and mission that aligns with your core values. 

Unfortunately, not many homeschoolers have taken the time to write out their homeschool vision. A solid vision means setting goals and homeschooling with purpose. Lack of vision can lead to frustration, anxiety, and feelings of inadequacy.

In this post, I will share a little backstory on our homeschool vision, make my case for why a vision is important, help you define your unique homeschool vision, and offer the tools to get your vision down in written form. So stay tuned for three easy steps to write your homeschool vision and grab my FREE Homeschool Vision Formula cheat sheet to get started!

(Note: Stay tuned for next week, I’ll be discussing constructing a mission statement to align with your vision.)

A Little Back Story.

Our homeschool journey started with a basic vision. My husband and I wanted our children to love learning and we wanted to offer them a healthy environment to nurture that love. For this reason, my goal as their primary teacher was to make learning fun and organic. We played educational games, went on fun field trips, did cool science experiments and read beautiful picture books.

Our vision served us well, but as the years progressed, we started learning so much more about our children. The more we observed them, the more we recognized the need to be more intentional about nurturing and developing them in their entirety—beyond their academic skills. So, we gave our vision a facelift to include whole child education. That is, fostering a child’s cognitive, physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and creative intelligence to help them achieve long-term success in all areas of life. You see, we wanted learning to be fun, but we also wanted our boys to be confident and have a strong sense of self.

I shared this backstory to highlight that a vision does not have to be set in stone. You may revisit and revise your vision as much as you need to. However, because the first draft of your vision should take an immense amount of time, thought, and care, the need for changes should be very minimal—a minor facelift, if you will. The great thing about vision facelifts is the more accurate, clear, and concise they become, the better your homeschool operates.

Why Do You Need Vision?

I believe every family should have a vision before they attempt homeschooling. After all, you’d never get into a car and drive to your destination with your eyes closed, would you? Could you imagine the chaos you’d cause if you drove a car without vision? Driving a car poses enough potential risks by itself, but we can all agree that driving with vision minimizes the risk of accidents and fatalities. It ensures you know exactly where you are, where you’re going, and improves your chances of reaching said destination.  

Now think about your homeschool. A homeschool with a good vision makes an already challenging journey feel less daunting. With a solid vision, you can choose the right curriculum, methods, and strategies that are unique to your family and align with your core values. Even more? Having a vision for your homeschool keeps you focused on achieving your goals, reducing the temptation to compare your homeschool journey to others. Essentially, your vision is what you stand on. It will heighten your self-confidence and serve as the foundation for everything you do in your homeschool, so you want to make it yours!

Defining Your Vision.

So, what is a vision, anyway?

I like the way leadership expert, Jessie Lyn Stoner, defines vision: “Vision is knowing who you are, where you’re going, and what will guide your journey.” It is made up of your purpose, picture of the future, and your values. Now let’s apply that to your homeschool. Ask yourself these questions:

1. What is your purpose for homeschooling and what value will it provide to your family?

Your purpose is your “why.” Most successful people contend that your “why” is what drives you. With that said, define the moment that made you finalize your decision to file your Declaration of Intent. What sold you on the idea of homeschooling your children? We all have a story. Get yours down in writing!

2. What will your picture look like at the end of your homeschool journey?

So, your kids have flown the nest and are off pursuing life. What success tools will they have obtained through homeschooling? What values will they uphold? How will they define their homeschool experience? In other words, what does “homeschooling done well” look like to you? Whatever your picture is, start thinking of ways you can work toward that goal now.

3. What are your core values and how will they support your purpose?

Identifying your core values helps tailor your vision in a way that best suits your family and makes your homeschool journey unique. These values describe the fundamental beliefs of your family’s belief system and help determine if you are on the right path to fulfilling your homeschool goals. Here’s a list of common core values to help you get started. 

Writing Your Vision.

Download the FREE Homeschool Vision Formula cheat sheet to contain all your notes and finalize your homeschool vision.

I do forewarn that the first draft of your vision may be a bit long-winded. But take heart. You can keep revising it until it reads to your liking. Some vision experts suggest keeping your vision down to two sentences to ensure it is clear and concise. I personally believe that your vision should resonate with you and your family no matter how many sentences it takes. However, I do agree that it should be as clear and concise as you can possibly make it. Most of all, it should be memorable.

When your vision statement is complete, laminate it and hang it somewhere you will see it often. Perhaps in your homeschool room, learning space, or office. Please do not under any circumstances allow your vision to lay dormant in your Word documents or writing journal. Remember, we are writing a vision to direct us during our homeschool journey, so we need to keep our eyes on it as much as possible.

Lastly, I want to end by saying don’t hesitate to get your entire family involved. Family vision planning is a great way to ensure your spouse feels a part of the journey, even if they won’t be the primary educator. If your children are at the age of understanding, including them in the vision process could result in smoother homeschool days and a vision that’s truly crafted for their best interest. Not to mention the added perk of your children learning how to craft a solid vision statement of their own [insert eye wink].

So, what are you waiting for? Cheers to a healthy, clear, concise homeschool vision!

Remember to stay tuned for next week, I’ll be discussing constructing a mission statement to align with your vision.


Until next time, friends…

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Become a Homeschool Mastermind Today | The Homeschool Genius

Welcome to the Year 2020!

By now, you’re probably aware that this blog is taking a new direction. Don’t worry, I’ll still be sharing my homeschool journey. In fact, I won’t be taking away anything. You’re free to enjoy all my old blog posts and resources. I love when creators leave a trail that leads to the very beginning of their journey. In my case, that trail began when I had zero readers.

I admit I wasn’t writing for anyone then. I was writing for myself. My blog simply served as memoirs—”aha moments” that I wanted to document for the purpose of looking back on. To this day, I revisit my old blog posts and am reminded of important lessons I’ve learned along my journey. It was always my pleasure sharing these moments and life lessons with all of you.

Welcome to The Homeschool Genius!

And this is where The Homeschool Genius comes in. After five years of homeschooling, I’ve realized God has been helping me become the mastermind of my homeschool journey. In that, I’ve learned to draw out the little genius within my children, rather than forcing society’s one-dimensional view of intelligence onto them.  I want to share what I’ve learned with all of you!

If you’re like me, you’ve tried homeschooling other peoples’ way. You’ve tried implementing popular methods, incorporating popular curricula, and imitating popular homeschool influencers. Or, maybe you’re just getting started and you’re intimidated by what you see online.

Can I just say the first few years of homeschool are challenging? Especially when we try and follow what every other homeschooler is doing on social media or in the books we read. Sometimes we need someone to tell us:

We don’t need an expensive curriculum.

We don’t need a homeschool room.

We don’t need to over-schedule our children.

We don’t need to push early reading.

And, we don’t need to have the perfect circumstances to homeschool.

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but you don’t need to be like that homeschool family! You know, that perfect social media family with the hot mom, perfect kids, and immaculate home? Yea, even that mom wants to be like the one she portrays on the Gram.

I could go on and on with my list of “don’t needs,” but I digress.

So, what do we really need?

We need to mastermind our own homeschool, rather than copying and pasting a highlight reel we see on the Internet and wondering why it’s not working for our family.

With that said, I want to share my homeschool journey with a bit more purpose. I want to share exactly how I’ve become—and am continuing to become—a mastermind of my own homeschool, and I want to help you become a mastermind of yours.

You Are a Homeschool Mastermind

So, what’s a mastermind? We’ve all heard of the word and probably used it at some point but allow me to submit the definition to ensure we’re all on the same page.

The good ol’ Merriam Webster thesaurus defines a mastermind as “a person who designs and guides a plan or undertaking.” Such a person is deemed one with outstanding creative intellect. Synonyms for mastermind include words like director, leader, manager, planner, developer, and of course—genius.

Do I even have to explain why I chose the word “mastermind” to define homeschool parents? It takes outstanding creative intellect to design and guide a plan for homeschooling. We are essentially all the synonyms I mentioned above and then some! Yet, most of us don’t feel that way because we’re burdened with feelings of inadequacy. We don’t feel like we’re enough. Whether we feel we’re:

…not planning enough.

…not smart enough.

…not teaching enough.

…not patient enough.

…not put together enough.

Or whatever other “enoughs” we can think of.

Let’s Get Started!

I’ve got the cure. Or, rather I’ve got the C.U.R.E for those feelings of incompetence that creep into our minds and make us doubt ourselves. Here’s how you can start becoming a mastermind of your homeschool today.

Construct a clear and concise vision and mission that aligns with your core values.

Unveil your child’s inner genius and allow it to drive your unique journey.

Remember self-care is giving your family the best of you, not what’s left of you.

Embrace failure as a teaching moment and an opportunity to succeed later.

The Homeschool CURE Chart

Download a free copy of The Homeschool C.U.R.E. Chart, Here!

The Homeschool C.U.R.E. Chart is more than just an acronym, it’s a surefire way to help you homeschool with purpose and stay focused on your unique journey. Print it, laminate it, and hang it in your office or schoolroom for inspiration. I’ll be sure to further explain how to make The Homeschool C.U.R.E. applicable to your homeschool journey in future posts. For now, I just wanted to say hello and offer a little explanation for the new direction of this blog.

More Resources

For more homeschool management resources, click here.

Read about how I plan for my homeschool here.

Your Turn!

Tell me: how can I help you become a mastermind of your homeschool? What type of content would you like to see? Let me know!

Until next time, friends…